JONATHAN CAHN prezinta profetiile biblice despre Israel in legatura directa cu situatia din America de azi

Despre behaitul oilor si Glasul Pastorului

caci "Oile Mele ascultă glasul Meu; Eu le cunosc, şi ele vin după Mine "...
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5 răspunsuri la JONATHAN CAHN prezinta profetiile biblice despre Israel in legatura directa cu situatia din America de azi

  1. Dan zice:

    stephanie stafford comment for Mr Jonathan
    4 days ago (edited)
    The land was considered flat, until the land grew breast plates the armor of God. Mountains. Egypt made pyramids. The Lord built olives for the branches. Then came rock for David. Giants vs. david. God said prepare for Mt. Zion. This circumsission is like a cool breeze. The breath of God. Circumstands of Job. The mystery of below good Job. Bellows is the belly of the fish fished cod liver oil. From the olive branch to the FSHS branch christ. Who teaches me to remember the Jew. So for my meal, I made tuna with my olive oil that was a great miracle whip. I added red wine vinegar and spices. Then God said add matzah. And it was good with a cup of the fruit of my labor. We added milk and honey and we said prune like a raisin can. So we ate and we were full. We gutted the turkey and ate the first portion and the second portion. God said it was good. Fridays super meal yesterday, today we rest SHALLOMA. The we knew the sea men would come. High Tide Today. Red skies by night, sailors delight, red sky in morning sailors warning. So the turkey we ordered from Jew bakery, well done and raspberry in the middle. Thinking thanks for giving as a child could know God.
    Habakkuk Hezekiah king of the Hebrews Christyesuah King J.ams. With a silent e. Evening. A silent night. Don’t mock me. This John is a we are we good message. WEARY. Labor is a blessing rough of the diamond shell burst like a Star of David is.
    …ha, ha, ha!

  2. Dan zice:

    sunt un huligan destept,,, hey? Nu ma iau dupa orice prostie, ha, ha, ha!

  3. Dan zice:

    N-ai auzit ce zice Trump: FAKE news!
    What what is al about. Dar pentru tine e good news.


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