Condamnat la moarte fiindca ne-a iubit .

Azi e zi de inchinare, sa-I cantam , cu mic, cu mare !

As He stood in the judgment hall that day,
„I find no fault in Him,” Pilate had to say.
An angry crowd set Barabbas free
But they found Jesus guilty of love in the first degree.

Guilty of love in the first degree
So He had to go to Calvary
Where He shed His last drop of blood for me;
Oh, the jury found Him guilty of love in the first degree.

Recitation 1
„Order in the court! Would you bring the prisoner forth, please. And what, sir, is your name?”

He replied, „Jesus of Nazareth.”

„You’re accused of healing on the Sabbath Day, and many other things the elders did say. They say your disciples plucked corn on the Sabbath Day and did eat–why, you yourself have sat with sinners at meat. So what have you to say?”

Now He kept silent that day, but let’s see what the witnesses have to say…

Recitation 2:

„My name is Bartimaeus. I was blind and could not see the light of day. Oh, but I can see today because of Him”

And then another came. „My name was Legion. I lived among the tombs until one day He came my way”.

And then there was another. He said, „I was a leper, I was one of the ten. Why, I’ve come back this final time just to glorify Him.”

So on and on they came that day and each for him had kind words to say.

But the crowd began to cry, „Crucify, crucify, give us Barabbas. This man, he must die”.

So they led Him away to a place called Calvary, nailed Him to a cross between two thieves. For the jury had surely found Him guilty. Guilty of love in the first degree.

Minunata aceasta interpretare a cantecelor crestine ! Le cantam si noi,adaptate pentru limba romana , in adunarile Bisericii

Pentru a asculta mai multe, comutati ascultarea pe You Tube : Mix – I Must Tell Jesus // Living Room Session

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caci "Oile Mele ascultă glasul Meu; Eu le cunosc, şi ele vin după Mine "...
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Un răspuns la Condamnat la moarte fiindca ne-a iubit .

  1. Este cea ma frumoasa interpretare ( si imagine video ) a acestor cantece crestine pe care am auzit-o vreodata . Domnul Isus Hristos sa binecuvinteze in continuare aceasta frumoasa familie !


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