Despre branhamism si branhamisti

What is a Branhamite?

Several readers have written me to say that I should be ashamed of myself for calling certain followers of William Branham, Branhamites. Should I?

I have been asked to show the existence of a Branhamite or a church called Branhamite where the man called Branham is worshipped.

How blind can one get! First, show me an antichrist or a church called Antichrist where a man called Antichrist is worshipped! No antichrist will declare openly that he is an antichrist, nor will they call their church Antichrist Church. Second, does an antichrist know or believe that he is an antichrist? Does a Branhamite know that he is a Branhamite? To deny the fact about the existence of Branhamites is to deny the existence of antichrists! Their fruits declare who they are. [Note: There are many Branhamites who boastfully declared that they are PROUD to be Branhamites in upholding the oral words of Branham as ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY in faith and life. These people have their „conscience seared with a hot iron” (1 Tim.4:1). They are dead to the Truth of God.]

I am not a Branhamite though I have often been accused of being one just because I believe his message. The name Branhamites is given by denominational churches not to those who follow Branham’s teachings but to those who actually lift him up above Christ and His Word. Whether or not I use the name for such fanatical followers, the fact remains that there is such a group of followers, who by their creating an ism around the man and his message, have brought a reproach to the Faith he stood for.

There is no place in an assembly or the life of a True Bible Believer for an ism. An ism is created by men upon whom false spirits dwell. And there are many isms in Christendom. However, these isms are not created by true men of God. (Self-styled men of God like Jim „Jonestown” Jones and David „Waco” Koresh created their own. Such kinds are dangerous.) Isms are created usually by men who are acquainted with the men of God in their lifetime and even by those who believed them after their death. History shows plenty of such religious men who were not able to see the Word of God in the men of God. In their religious zeal they would lift up a man of God and make him the absolute for their life and religious faith. Claiming to have the truth, they would move away from the Word of God and into the words uttered by the man of God. They would give their interpretations which, by and by, would become the religious traditions they would uphold. They could never fall back upon the True Word though they may claim It. The Pharisees and the Sadducees, in their isms, are such examples. So, are the Roman Catholics in their Roman Catholicism. Likewise, the Branhamites in Branhamism.

Lastly, there is an ecumenical spirit moving among the different camps of those in Branhamism. Though they differ in their interpretations of the words of Branham and in their doctrinal stands, they do have one thing in common — „say only what the prophet said”. Like drunken men leaning on one another so as not to fall, they will argue against one another over the various statements of Bro. Branham in defence of their own interpretations. Amazing!

Wm. Branham was blamed for creating Branhamism. The truth is that he had nothing to do with it. Many of his followers did it. Branhamism is listed in a number of books as a false cult. Lutheranism was not created by Martin Luther and Methodism was not created by John Wesley. Both these isms are never listed as false cults. Why? Because these followers do not „say only what their prophets said” like the Branhamites do (when they take the words of Branham and formulate doctrines). Unlike the Branhamites, they look at the Word of God as the Absolute. Shame on you, Bible believers, if you cannot look at the Word of God!

Bro. Gan, we have been taught by many Endtime Message preachers that all mysteries have been revealed by Bro. Branham from Genesis to Revelation.

If that is true, ask them to tell you what had Bro. Branham reveal about the Mark of Cain, the Sin of Ham, the true location of the Garden of Eden, the Holy City New Jerusalem, etc.? Be careful what you hear. There are many voices in the Message movement today and a good number of them are Pharisaical in spirit.

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