Despre Statul Israel

 Acesta este  continuare a problemelor prezentate in  articolul precedent:

Rabbi Yehuda Glick States “There Is No More Two States”

Recently I had the privilege of going to the Knesset for my first time, it was at the request of my good friend Pastor Paul Begley the host of the television program “The Coming Apocalypse”. I was to film his interview with Rabbi Yehuda Glick for the American audience – not that Pastor Begley is limited to an American audience. His YouTube channel named after him has an enormous  global following and he has made famous the old southern expression “Whaaaat, are you serious!” which has become a hallmark to every episode.

We were greeted by Rabbi Glick’s aide, Uri, a kind middle aged man that was very organized in the political affairs needed for Rabbi Glick one of Israel’s newest Knesset members.  Rabbi Glick was obviously pressed for time in his new found position coming from one house meeting with us waiting and another interview in the wing then to be ushered out to you another pressing governmental issue.

By the time Rabbi Glick made it to his office we were already permitted entry to set up cameras and lighting, there was nothing fancy about the settings – simple small but functional. Rabbi Glick came and greeting Pastor Begley as one greets his friends. It was obvious they had forged a trusting relationship since the assassination attempt on his life at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center on October 29, 2014 where a would be assassin apologized before firing 4 bullets to his chest a point blank range.

Rabbi Glick was frank regarding his time so quickly the interview set in motion, it wasn’t long before Pastor Begley went right to the point regarding a “Two State Solution” and the French government’s  involvement. Pastor Begley says “Israel’s not at the table and neither are the Palestinians so do you realize they are trying to force this Two State solution?”  This struck a nerve with Rabbi Glick he said adamantly “They had their chance in 1947, and in 1967 and in 2,000” and he reminded Pastor Begley of the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu “How can you have a marriage without the Bride and Bride Groom”; In reference to the French meeting on a Two State solution without the two parties attending. Rabbi Glick went further and said “there is no more Two States”!

‘No more Two States’ Rabbi Glicks words really caught our attention because I had interviewed Shimon Tov earlier that day where he stated that a Two State deal had been signed in a secret meeting in the Knesset under Ariel Sharon. Watch the interview “here”

Rabbi Glick concluded that if they want to talk we will talk but did not back down from his position


Despre behaitul oilor si Glasul Pastorului

caci "Oile Mele ascultă glasul Meu; Eu le cunosc, şi ele vin după Mine "...
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