Invataturi si promisiuni mincinoase care deruteaza omenirea ” moderna ” : o mantuire asteptata de la Federatia Galactica

Stim  cu siguranta  ca  traim  chiar  in  vremea  din  urma,  cand  si  ultima  epoca  a Bisericii  este  deja  trecuta

Fratele  Branham  ne-a spus  ca  in  aceasta  vreme  vor  fi  in  actiune  dezlantuita  pe  pamant  toate  duhurile  rele,  manifestandu-si  in  actualitate  toate  activitatile   pe  care  le-au  avut  de-a  lungul  istoriei  Despre  faptul  acesta  va  puteti  da  seama  citind  aceste  articole  , recomandate  de  Licaangelica  in comentariile  de  ieri .. Va  redau  cateva   extrase  dintr-un  alt  articol                                   ce  ne  arata  ca  unii  oameni  sunt  convinsi  ca  extraterestrii  sunt  aceia  care  salveaza  , dar  nu  stiu  nimic  cu  privire  la  pacat  si  pocainta , in  afara  carora  nu  ar  exista  vre-un  motiv  pentru  salvare. Numele  Domnului Isus  Hristos  le este  strain  si  nu  cunosc Evanghelia  Lui ,sa  nu  fi auzit  ei  inca  nici  un  cuvant  despre  ea ?

In 2008, it began to become apparent that some of what appeared to be major natural disasters around the world, were in fact deliberately caused by, or enhanced by, human covert weaponry. The ability to amplify the magnitude of seismic and volcanic activity by the use of energy weapons, and the capability to escalate and intensify weather patterns involving tornados and hurricanes led to several intentionally exaggerated disasters. These included a volcanic eruption in South America, earthquakes in China and Japan, and major levee-breaking floods in the USA. On the 17th June 2008, a benign Sirian extraterrestrial addressed these atrocities explicitly: „The plans of our Earth allies continue to move forward, and the intention of us all is to complete these vital tasks as soon as is possible. While you are approaching your destiny, Mother Earth is busy transforming herself and at the same time fending off the lunatic misdeeds of the last dark cabal. Over the last quarter century this cabal developed a number of exotic weapons designed to amp up the magnitude of seismic and volcanic activity, thus adding greatly to the terror and destruction they cause. These devices are also capable of intensifying the power of tornados and hurricanes to massive proportions. These weapons were kept under the tightest security and, until recently, very little used. But now they are being used against us as well as the people of this world. It is another sign of how desperate the dark cabal is feeling. To counteract these devices, we are putting into your planet’s natural energy fields the means to neutralize this diabolical weaponry …. What we have just described to you is a hint of the lengths the dark is prepared to go to, to defend its position. These dark Beings consider your global population much too large to control, which is why they intend to use everything in their armory against you. The increasingly exaggerated weather patterns over the past few years is due in part to these exotic weapons, and in part to the effects of pollution and the continued hyperactivity of the Sun. A natural escalation in the intensity and volatility of your weather patterns is to be expected in the context of a transforming planet, but the degree in the level of violence you are now seeing comes from the use of these manmade weapons. The dark cabal sets no limits on its villainy! The cabalists’ plans are to cause massive calamities that would kill millions at a time. They also plan to place in your skies the means to deflect our landings by threatening to wipe out the majority of humanity when we actually land. This is unacceptable, and we have effective countermeasure in place. We are saddened by the lengths this group of dark ones is determined to go to in order to cling to power, and we do not enjoy bringing the facts of the situation to your attention. These ones have spent millennia in a state of omnipotence and are not about to give up without a flight. But they go too far: Most outbreaks of potentially serious epidemics around your planet are deliberate and have their origins in their laboratories. We are heavy-hearted at having to use the measures necessary to disarm these perpetrators of terror and to rid your world of this arsenal. We need to alert you to the possibility that repercussions of this gloves-off phase of the conflict may spill over into the public arena and thus require public explanations. Here the mainstream media is likely to resort to its habit of using lies and distortion to cover up anything that is out of the ordinary. Bizarre or inexplicable fallout from the upcoming attacks and counterattacks may be explained away as ‘tragic but chance events’ …. The dark took out their exotic weaponry and began to play. Recent results, among others, were some devastating earthquakes and a major eruption in South America. Mother Earth’s heightened preparations and the dark’s use of its terror weaponry step up the pressure on our Earth allies and us to make good on our assurances. We need to quickly put the dark out of business and set the stage for the interim regimes. These are to instigate the many beneficial reforms and launch the series of announcements that are the prelude to first contact. During this time you can again take up the mantle of Earth stewardship. Our Earth allies fully understand that the significance of this time goes way beyond global abundance and securing your individual sovereignty and freedom …. Much substantial progress has been made and much more is about ready to happen. This means the final stage of events is quite close to manifesting. These events have taken the best part of three decades to prepare. We are fully focused on moving all pieces of the game plan forward and putting each set of measures into action when appropriate. We have to carefully orchestrate the surrender of these cabalists in such a way as to incur only a bare minimum of disorder. Anticipating and containing the death throes of the cabal is essential to this end, and the mounting chaos of the last few months demonstrates the powers at their disposal. The increasingly frantic actions of the cabalists make them very unpredictable and volatile, and this could compel us to more openly intercede in the campaign to disarm them. Whatever way this stage plays out, know that our joint victory is indeed near …. Events are close to manifesting which can put an abrupt end to the tumult of these end times. Be ready for and focused on your upcoming victory ….” The full text of The Galactic Federation’s 17.06.08 comments can be found on Sheldan Nidle’s site here.On the 20th June 2008, another Sirian, Ag-agria, took up the theme of the Darkside’s deliberate destruction of certain parts of the Earth in order to further its negative agenda of control: „The dark forces also know the nearness of our coming, and they try to divert your attention away from us. Disinformation is used to confuse you, but anyone that uses their intuition will know when it is dubious and unlikely to have come from a reliable source. Beware however that the dark can be very clever by mimicking true sources, but if you ‘feel’ uneasy about any information it is best to set it aside …. The dark are allowed to have a degree of freewill, and will continue to use their weapons to destroy parts of the Earth. For our part we lessen the impact and extent of the damage. It may not seem so when you look back at the man-made earthquake in China, but be assured it would have been far more extensive if we had not intervened. You ask why we did not stop it and as we have often pointed out, there is a limit to how much we can override the freewill allowed to your civilisation …. The Light continues to grow and the dark become fragmented and weakened. It is just a matter of time before you witness their complete collapse. Our allies are fully versed as to what their role is and will bring an end to their heinous regime. The net closes in even as we give this message, and there is assuredly no way that they will escape …. The revelations of what has been taking place upon Earth through the agenda of the dark forces continues, and it is gradually filtering into the area of general knowledge. However with the tight media controls that they have put in place it is a slow process. Our arrival will signal immediate changes in this respect, as it is clearly imperative that people understand the reason for it. It will become a lot easier to convince the sceptics, once we have been able to show the undeniable truth of the dark’s plan to enslave and imprison you on your own planet. You believe you still have freedom yet it is still being taken away from you by false means. I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation ask you not to despair or lose faith, as we are going to restore the rights of every Man and Woman, and fairness and equality will be reflected in all that we do. You will quickly receive abundance, and lack and need shall become words of the past era ….” The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria’s 20.06.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

The oral traditions of many indigenous cultures on Earth are spiritually literate; they are veridical at the level of metaphor and experience. These traditions had a potent influence on the writing of nearly all major religious scriptures, extant and extinct. Creator gods, saviours, angels and superconscious light beings from the skies featured prominently in the early creation narratives of Earth and in the birth narratives of great teachers, healers and miracle workers who came to Earth from the dimensions beyond. Some of these beings from the skies came from Venus. They live there still. One of them is called Ker-On. On the 27th June 2008, Ker-On offered some thoughts about the human experience of life on Earth: „The illusion that you live upon Earth has convinced you that you are only a physical body, and it has taken millennia of time for you to see otherwise. The heavy vibrations are lifting as the Light permeates every part of Earth, and now your eyes open to the reality that lies behind it. The Light is All That Is expressed in different energetic patterns that give layers of creation that you call dimensions. At a certain point even you shall become a Light Being, with a super consciousness that is All Knowing. At present you have such a limited consciousness, but with your ability to draw upon the higher energies that are being sent to Earth, you are experiencing an expanding consciousness. There are a considerable number of earthly matters that require our attention before the last years can truly get under way. They are now recognised by many of you and centre around the cleansing of Earth. As we do this we also attend to your needs so as to restore your sovereignty, and most importantly free everyone from the control of the dark forces. You are to take a quantum leap forward to propel you into the Golden Age that will provide everything that you have ever envisaged that is pure and of the Light. I am Ker-On from Venus and we too are part of the Ascension process, but are already at the point you are moving into. We are moving into a more refined level of energy, as are all of the other planets in our Solar System. Venus has been more of a mystery to you than most planets, as you have records of our visits to your Earth in ancient times. You see it as inhospitable for life, and overlook the existence of its higher dimensions. We like most travellers in space use the higher dimensions to travel within, and it makes it almost instantaneous. We use the same laws that control the movement of planets to control our craft, and use them for our own purpose. What you are learning about off-world life forms is more about rekindling your dormant memories. You are more than familiar with the truth of life beyond your Earth, as you are all extraterrestrials. It has taken our presence in your skies to bring such recognition back to you, and soon we shall be able to come together in a great celebration of renewing old acquaintances. As you become used to the idea nothing will seem more natural, as we are after all from the Creator, the Source of All Creation. I leave you with many thoughts and my love, and wish you success in your endeavours to reach up for the truth because it is true that it will set you free ….”The full text of the Venusian Ker-On’s 27.06.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

Recently, the ETs have been explaining why they are here and what their agenda is. They have also made some observations about the re-emergence of clairvoyant and psychic abilities in the human population as it evolves. For example, on the 30th June 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, commented: „We serve all civilisations with reverence of their common source, and do so in recognition of their God given Love and Light. We seek nothing in return for our services, and our pleasure is in the giving of ourselves to others whom we recognise as fellow souls on their chosen paths. It is our delight when a civilisation has reached that point of evolution that they can become members of ourGalactic Federation. Yours has already done so, and you will take your place within our organisation when this cycle is completed. With your experience of duality, you will offer a special service to other aspiring nations. You will travel the highways and byways of Space, as Cosmic entities with the authority to administer to them regardless of which Universe they are in. Their outer appearances may be very different to what you have been used to, but you will see the Light of those Beings and know their potential is as yours. What is evolution but a coming together of all souls as they converge upon the Godhead? A myriad of paths in the never-ending kaleidoscope of beauty and colour, and of multiple shapes and form. You have only just begun to realise how life abounds everywhere, and your limitation has been your mindset in its lower consciousness. Your senses are not normally tuned to see much outside of yourselves, but that is changing rapidly and you can expect to gradually become psychic and sensitive to higher vibrations. You will begin to see life forms in the ethers, in your gardens and pools. Creation is far more extensive than you would believe, and what was hidden from your gaze will now become apparent. Try to spend time with nature, and open your heart centre and invite the various elementals to reveal themselves to you. For so long Man has ignored them, and forgotten the service they perform for him. They will be quite surprised to pick up your thoughts trying to link with them. In quietness and in meditative thought you can lift your vibration to see the ‘unseen’. Those who work in harmony with nature are nearer to them, and will tell you tales of such experiences. You have been as in a prison on Earth, and your powers of recognition and feeling dulled by the lower vibrations that have been created. Break out of them and allow your imagination a free reign, to bring into being the reality of life that is only just outside of your present reach. After First Contact has been made, some of you will be invited on board our Mother Ships to see first hand some of the animals that travel with us. They will look familiar in many ways, but your main surprise will be that they can communicate with you. Your domestic animals have such abilities, and know more about you than you know about them. Often in the breeds such as dogs and horses their senses are more developed than yours. They make very good companions, and respond to love and caring with an undying loyalty. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that when you visit our ships, you will find a place already prepared to make you feel at home. You will adapt to our advanced technologies, as over recent years you have taken giant steps forward in that direction. We all send you our love and blessings ….”The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa’s 30.06.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

The advanced spiritual awareness of many modern children is a recurring theme in recent messages from the ETs. For example, on the 9th July 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, spoke again: „There will be so much that you want to know once we can meet you, and there will be no lack of communication on our part. We have our plans in full readiness for your enlightenment, and a number of different forms of communication will be used. We wish to reach as many people as possible even in remote areas, and have the technology to do so. There are also large numbers of illuminated souls that have specifically joined you upon Earth for such an occasion. They are largely amongst your younger people, and they are already aware of their mission. They have the eyes with which to see where Man has gone wrong, but more importantly the answers to put it right. Take notice of your young people as many are speaking words of wisdom. They are advanced souls who have come from the higher levels where your destiny lies. The Earth has little to teach them, and they bring great love and compassion to lead you out of the dark into the Light ….” The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa’s 09.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

On other occasions, the ETs have talked about the UFOs they travel around in. For example, on the 18th July 2008, the Sirian, Atmos, said: „We use craft of different types according to what our destination is, and those you mainly see in your skies are small scout ships for that specific use. Sometimes you see our cigar-shaped Mothercraft that carry them, and they range from a few hundred feet to thousands of miles long. The latter are kept well outside of your Earth’s atmosphere, and form part of the fleet that is waiting for First Contact …. On occasions some of you have been invited aboard our craft, and you have found that a long period with us is but a short time as you measure it ….”The full text of the Sirian Atmos’s 18.07.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

Sometimes, the ETs talk about the state of Nirvana which we Earth-based humans experience when visiting interdimensional spacecraft during our sleep periods. And the ETs have also spoken about the widely reported negative abduction experiences which happen in connection with the Greys. For example, on the 4th August 2008, the Sirian, SaLuSa, commented: „We sometimes wish that you had a waking knowledge of your interaction with us, as many of you visit our ships and stay with us. This usually takes place during your sleep period, when most of you leave your bodies if only to meet other souls in the region you call Nirvana. On awakening after such experiences you often have a fleeting memory of what has taken place, but it soon passes by and you have difficulty in identifying it. This is a normal memory function that ‘hides’ such experiences, as you would otherwise be distracted from your daily responsibilities if you fully knew about them. However, because they are pleasant and reassuring, you often feel happy and fulfilled without knowing the reason why. It means that if you have met us, subconsciously you know that is has been a friendly and satisfying experience. Forget the so-called ‘abductions’ as these are not associated with any member of the Galactic Federation, and are the work of the Greys. Over the last half-century, we have consistently been seen in your skies and in some cases landed upon your Earth. Contacts have been made and it has balanced your beliefs about us, as your writers and filmmakers have previously delighted in depicting us as fearful Beings out to capture you or destroy Earth. All of your experiences of Space Beings formulates your ‘feeling’ about us, and we have taken great care to show ourselves as your friends. We are aware that there is a large following of people that would be really happy to see us openly land upon Earth, and that event known as First Contact is not too far away ….” The full text of the Sirian SaLuSa’s 04.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

On other occasions, the ETs have talked about their lifespans and why humans never see aged or old-looking extraterrestrials. For example, on the 8th August 2008, the Sirian, Ag-agria, said: „I am Ag-agria from Sirius and have much experience where you are concerned, and have accompanied you through many periods of your history. You must bear in mind that our life span is much longer than yours, and we do not experience aging such as you do. Consequently, you have never knowingly seen an old Space Being but always we appear in our prime of life. Yet in your measurement of time, we are hundreds of years old but show no signs of aging. In the future this shall also be your experience, as your new crystalline physical bodies will be so refined that they will keep their shape and condition. With it comes perfect health, and all of those ills and disabilities that are commonplace on Earth will no longer assail you ….” The full text of the Sirian Ag-agria’s 08.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

Another regular ET theme in recent messages concerns the high spiritual status of cetaceans such as whales and dolphins. For example, on the 20th August 2008, the Venusian, called Ker-On, commented: „You are part of the Earth consciousness as are the cetaceans that are highly spiritual forms of life. They excuse and forgive the hunting of the seas that has killed so many of their species, and they do so because of their spiritual understanding and love for you. They have been with you since life entered this planet, and their intelligence and ability to feel your energy is never better than through the Dolphins. They have willingly accepted captivity to get nearer to you, and their healing abilities have frequently been exhibited. Do you notice how in recent years the ‘wild animals’ are becoming calmer and warming to Man? That is because they respond to love and respect, and some have been helped to overcome their fear of Man ….” The full text of the Venusian Ker-On’s 20.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

One of the task-areas where the benign ETs are particularly active at the moment concerns earthquakes, volcanoes and violent weather conditions. The extraterrestrials have been redirecting the energies of these natural phenomena so as to minimise death and destruction in populous regions. The ETs also talk a lot about the dark history of the US Government and the deliberate anti-alien, fear-mongering policies of successive American administrations. For example, on the 22nd August 2008, the Sirian, Atmos, explained: ” We of the Galactic Federation can control the effect of Earth changes, so as to minimise the damage and direct the energies to where they will gently dissipate. Some incidents will be closer to populated areas, but again we will do all we can to protect them. You will not always be aware of our presence within your atmosphere, as our craft will be cloaked in invisibility or operating outside of it. Our technology can hold the energies produced by earthquakes, and direct them to safer areas to lessen their impact. Once we have open contact with you it will become easier for us, as we can work with you. People in any danger can be temporarily moved to other areas and returned when it is safe to do so, and this can then be carried out quite openly. Our cautious approach to meeting you comes from knowing the tactics of yourdark forces. They would use our presence for their own ends, and we must therefore wait until they have been removed and in no position to interfere. That time approaches very rapidly, and everything is primed and ready to move into action. The size of your problems would overwhelm your services, which is why we are needed to immediately start programs that entail our joint cooperation. For us there is no challenge that we cannot handle, and it is through the sheer scale of our forces that we can call upon millions of craft and personnel. We hear you saying that if we are that powerful why don’t we come now, but that is not our way unless we are directed to do so by higher authorities than ourselves. As you may know, we have a deadline by which we must start contact with you, and that will be the only reason we shall arrive without giving you due notice. We know there is much confusion amongst some people as to the role we have played in your lives, and why we are here now. Man is so used to the greedy and materialistic approach to life, that he finds it hard to believe we come in peace and friendship without some ulterior motive. You have a survival instinct that makes you suspicious of us, and this is not helped by the negative image created by your media. Some of this has been deliberate to make you fearful of us, but your history will show that we have never caused an incident to justify such a reaction. Indeed, where our visits to Earth are recorded they often clearly show that we have given you help and guidance. In the background there are ancient stories of other extraterrestrials that have been connected with the dark forces, and of recent time you have the activities of theGreys. These are not members of our Federation, and although the Greys were allowed contact with you, that arose from the invitation received from your (US) Government some 70 years ago. Therefore to the average person who has heard of these stories, it is no wonder that there is some confusion. However, we have responsibility for you to ensure that the changes take place as planned, and that you are fully aware and prepared for Ascension. We do therefore protect you from interference by other Beings, who would otherwise see your planet as a desirable source of material wealth …. You will now understand the full reasons for our coming to Earth. It will be a most glorious and momentous occasion when we can formally meet you and your representatives, but by then they will be those dear souls who have worked for the Light and been elected as your new Government. Clearly we will have no dealings with your present one, that has several times refused our offer to bring an end to all wars and confrontations. They know us from our many past contacts, and have repeatedly rejected our offers to help achieve peace amongst all nations. I am Atmos from Sirius, and yes, we have been in contact with you for eons of time. Now it is time for us to announce ourselves, and you shall know before too long how we have walked your path of darkness with you. That experience is coming to completion for you, and a new wondrous path of great joy and happiness beckons ….”The full text of the Sirian Atmos’s 22.08.08 comments can be found on Mike Quinsey’s site here.

And once, at least, in recent human history, an advanced ET actually interrupted a mainstream television broadcast. His own words could be clearly heard by the viewers for a period of three minutes and forty seven seconds. The ET’s name was Vrillon. And his broadcast took place in southern England on the evening of the 26th November 1977 on Independent Television News. The full transcript of that initiative by The Higher Evolution is detailed on this page here.

In May 2008, I raised the issue of the US Space Shuttle disasters with Patrick Bellringer of the FourWinds10 website. I had in mind that Russian scalar weaponry might have been involved in bringing the Shuttles down, and that at least one witness had reported seeing a UFO in the area of the Challenger explosion.

On the 25th October 2008, a new UFO video involving the Space Shuttle Challenger appeared on YouTubehere. If you view this carefully, you can see a UFO in the vicinity from about the 4 minute 17 second point onwards, in this 6 minute 38 second clip.

My precise question to Patrick Bellringer was: „Was it Russian scalar weaponry which shot down the Space Shuttle Challenger over the Florida coast in 1986, and the Space Shuttle Columbia over Texas in 2003? If so, why did the Russians do this?”

Patrick’s reply ran as follows: „The U.S. Space program was developed solely for military purposes. The goal of every shuttle launch was to wipe out Russia’s ground to air military defense system or to do aerial photography to aid that goal. For that reason the Challenger was destroyed by Russian scalar weaponry aboard one of their Cosmospheres. The space shuttle Columbia was not in landing mode when it blew up, as the media said. It was to make one more earth orbit and pass over Iraq and drop a hydrogen bomb to wipe Iraq off the planet. Thus, Hatonn gave the order to Ashtar aboard the Phoenix Starship to disintegrate the Columbia by particle beam and take the seven crew members aboard the Phoenix, as was done when Russian destroyed the Challenger. This was done. To cover the Truth of this incident the U.S. Military dropped human clones and parts of military hardware from their junk yards over Texas, as proof the Columbia blew up just as they had said.”

Later on, in answer to another of my questions, Patrick commented: „The U.S. has had no successful space program ever. Repeatedly through their space launches, the U.S. has tried to wipe out Russia’s technology with no success. In most cases a similar pattern was followed. When a launch was planned, two space vehicles were built, one taken to Cape Canaveral, Florida and one to Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) in southern California. The astronauts were cloned and the clones placed in an assimilator at EAFB to replicate the actual launch from Florida.The launch was made as scheduled from Cape Canaveral, the shuttle craft was blown up somewhere in orbit by the Russian Cosmospheres, the media kept on with their ‘space mission’ lies, at the end of the U.S. space mission a 747 would piggy-back the second shuttle craft from EAFB in California to the proper elevation, release the shuttle craft with clones, and the craft would land at Cape Canaveral right on schedule, mission accomplished. Astronauts swear they have been there and done that, as they climb out of the assimilator. It is that real! No, the U.S. has no true space program, and never has. It is all a joke!”

The full text of this May 2008 exchange between Alcuin Bramerton and Patrick Bellringer about the Space Shuttle shoot-downs can be found at the FourWinds10 website here.
The Higher Evolution also intervenes, sometimes, at the individual level to energise, heal or help people who are in danger or difficulty. These apparent miracles have been well-attested throughout history in all human cultures. Sometimes, the energies sent from the Higher Evolution as light blessings are captured on photographs. Here is one example from Rome in March 2007. And on this page here more than forty other photographed light blessings are referenced.

The Higher Evolution is only a prayer away. And there is a magic word of power available: ASK.

In the latter half of 2008 and during 2009, unambiguous UFO appearances became much more numerous and more widely remarked. In particular, the four Pleiadian motherships collectively referred to as The Christ Star UFO, or the Star-like Luminary, were seen all over the planet (details here). During this same period, the ETs regularly communicating with humans on Earth became considerably more explicit with regard to their comments and analyses of the nature of the evil which they and their Earth allies (humans in the surface population) were trying to overcome in and around the corrupt Bush Jnr and Obama US administrations.


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Anonymous Anonymous said…
Wow. I havn’t been so enlightened since watching twi-light zone. This just negates anything the Bible has to say about God, creation, satan, fallen angels, the beginning, the end, Jesus Christ as being the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The history of mankind and his end being spelled out in detail, the Holy Spirit, but it dosn’t say anything about where all these unbelievers will spend eternity. Maybe you ought to read the inspired word of God one more time and ask the Lord’s forgiveness for your sins & unbelief & pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened to the truth. b

7:25 P.M.
Anonymous hopeful said…
I would love to think all you said was true, but consider this: if the higher beings are in any way benevolent, why wait until now to offer help? Why didn’t they offer help in the past to prevent such catastophes such as
– World war 1
– World war 2
– Dropping of nuclear bombs on Japanese cities
– Fire bombing of German & Japanese Cities
– WWII Cocentration camps
– 911
– subsequent bombing of Iraq & Afghanistan
– London bombings
– DU fall out in Iraq
Perhaps they were enjoying the spectacle? Why were they so impotent? Because they love us? So where is the real evidence they are helping now? Is this some scam to make us do nothing and wait for help that will never come?
3:32 P.M.
Anonymous Anonymous said…
hopefull, I feel its because of free will. humans have free will.
They are just respecting humans feee will.People get energetic support from angels faires what ever you want to call them, masters higher beings what ever.There is enough evidence int he word to show that they do indeed exsist.

Unlike most humans they respect and honor free will.


3:32 A.M.
OpenID 84e7f6f2-818d-11e4-9722-fb0a38c13f3d said…
Ya know its real funny how mediums who channel tend to put thier delusions before others free will.. They are all the same claiming to have channeled some higher being.. But you see the problem with that whole thing is that what they state n how goes against universal law on multiple levels because it is clear what they intend.. And they claim the cabal is controlling? Boy they dont seem too keen on allowing abyone thier own life based on that beings experience nor them actually being or divine directive.. Had they actually had contact with some higher being the conversation would be more towards authentic guidance n not some snake oil convincing on future predictions.. They seem to foget in thier delusions that all exsistence is at the point n moment of now n that time truely not exsisting has no predetermined future.. There is no worldly ascension.. No big happening.. Its called life people.. Go out n live it as u were created to do.. You were created to experience life n to express urselves.. Quit buying this delusional crap n get outside n breathe a big whiff of reality.. Ya know.. Fresh air? Quit wasting ur time waiting around for something to solve ur life for you.. Higher beings have no intrest in lower affairs.. As per the law of non interferrence.. N dont think ppl are here to give up thier free will to concepts such as these.. Its thiers n thiers to choose to do n have.. If u wanna be delusional n live with the voices in ur head then please do us all a favor n keep it to yourself.. I swear channelers are the most introverted psychotic ppl out there.. Seeing how nothing they ever say is accurate or happens ever.. O gee no surprise there.. Turn ur life to source n quit waisting ur life on this crap.. Want a better world? Then start being accountable for yourselves.. Get out there n make a change that gives back n quit trying to control the thoughts of others..


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caci "Oile Mele ascultă glasul Meu; Eu le cunosc, şi ele vin după Mine "...
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2 răspunsuri la Invataturi si promisiuni mincinoase care deruteaza omenirea ” moderna ” : o mantuire asteptata de la Federatia Galactica

  1. licangelyca zice:

    De astfel de specimene e plin netul, mai rar sa gasesti oameni care sa aduca ADEVARUL BIBLIC,sau CUVANTUL OREI in care traim, Pe 17 si 18 iulie vine la Baia Mare fr. Wisper Gwena si pe 19 la Hunedoara. La Baia Mare o sa ma duc si eu. SHALOM!

  2. Bine daca poti merge, este unul dintre predicatorii buni , din aceia pe care -i ascult . Am doua scaune in adunarea lui din Waltham Abbey, la o ora si jumatate distanta de locuinta, mers cu autobuzul si pe trotuar .Dar deocamdata uzez doar unul, o data sau de doua ori in 30 de zile, dupa posibilitati si circumstante . Mai mult de 10 romani tineri fregventeaza aceasta adunare, intre care unul este diacon acolo Daca te intereseaza amanunte, vorbeste cu traducatorul,( daca-l cheama David )


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