Imagini ale ” raului ” din lume

Am  citit  afirmatia  aceasta  :  ” Raul  este  ABSENTA  binelui ” si  vreau  sa  demonstrez  cat  este  de  gresita,  si  faptul  ca  prin  ea  se incearca  a  face  FARA  PUTERE  Cuvantul  lui Dumnezeu  Desi  „filozofic ” gandind  ” ne  gadila  urechile  ” cu  un  sunet  placut, care-i  minimalizeaza  consecintele  , adormind  constiinta  umana , astfel  de gandire  este  atata  de periculoasa  pentru  un  crestin cum  a fost  acceptarea  promisiunii  false  data  de  Sarpele  din  Eden : ” veti  fi  ca  Dumnezeu „..

Neluand  in  considerare  tot  continutul  acestui  link

ci  doar  pozele  si  comentariile  la  articolul   ”  21  de  fotografii  care  te lasa  fara  cuvinte ”  vreau  sa  demonstrez  ca  RAUL  EXI|STA  chiar  IN  PREZENTA  BINELUI ,   ca  ” Dumnezeu vorbeste insa, cand intr-un fel, cand intr-altul, dar omul nu ia seama. (Iov.33:14)

Fiecare  poza  este  urmata  de  un  scurt  comentariu , dar  ni  se  atrage  atentia  ca  ” aceste  imagini  sunt mult  mai  puternice  decat  cuvintele ” :


It’s a known fact that images are more powerful than words.
Just one look at these images will make you realize how much one single image can convey a thousand meanings and even a thousand more words.


The picture above is a perfect depiction of a man who knows no fear.

While standing in the middle of a lighthouse that’s about to receive a great deal of punishment from what I assume are at least 50 foot waves, this guy isn’t doing anything. Sure, you can’t see his expression from the photo alone, but it’s enough to show you that he’s one brave fellow me.

If I was in his position, I’d be cowering in fear of those gigantic waves.

The question now is how this photo was taken and how the man in the photo would react once he sees this.


Most of us live a pretty comfortable life. Oftentimes, we go shopping and splurge money. After that, we go on to eat in our favorite restaurants and overall, have a good time. In the midst of this happiness and comfort, we often forget that some people are not as blessed as we are in life.

Take for example the picture below.

It shows two women who’re enjoying a good dinner at an expensive looking restaurant while there’s a homeless man outside sleeping just below their window. Now, it’s not their fault that the homeless man is well… homeless, but maybe we should all take the time to see how other people are faring around us.

Who knows, the next time we’re eating delightfully in a restaurant, we might even be able to see the problem and then, just maybe, find a way to help out… even if just a little.


If you ever would find yourself moments away from an impending disaster, what would you do?

Would you panic? Run away? Hug your loved ones? Save your loved ones? Or, will you be selfish and just go on to save yourself?


There are certain photos that touch you in more ways than one and this is the type that’s going to make you realize that bravery comes in all sorts of packages.

After all, one tank isn’t something that anybody in this world wants to mess with, more so when two, three or four tanks are concerned. Though, what’s even worse wouldn’t be the tanks themselves, but the government behind it which happens to be one of the most atrocious in recent history.

Then again, despite knowing that his country’s government was far from lenient, this Man had the guts and courage to stand up to their Tyranny.

What’s even more amazing about this picture, though, isn’t that this man managed to stand up to such a number of tanks. Rather, he did so without anything in his hands. He didn’t have no guns, no bombs, and not even a knife. All he did have with him, however, was a bucket full of confidence, courage and what appears to be his groceries.


The China of today is far from what China was in the past. This isn’t just in terms of economy and politics, but also when it comes to landscape.

As China grows and develops into more of a modern country, the landscape itself also changes beyond recognition.

Mainly an agricultural country in years past, it is now rare to find sites like terraced rice paddy fields in mainland China. This is quite sad when you consider that these sites were common just a few decades back.

Knowing how rare it is to see sites like this these days is exactly what makes this photo a lot more special than it should be as it shows how much China has changed over the years.

In my own honest opinion, China better make sure that they do something so that sites like this one don’t become a thing of the past.


It’s not uncommon for surgeons to say that whenever they’re operating on a patient, it almost feels like they’re GOD. And well, you can’t blame them. When a single stroke of a scalpel could very well determine whether a person lives or dies, it’s not hard to think about killing that person or feeling like you’re GOD for making that person live.

In the picture above, this heart surgeon was in that very same predicament. He had the chance to play GOD and kill or revive the man on the operating table. Fortunately for his patient, the surgeon chose the latter.

Performing heart transplant surgery for 23 long hours, this surgeon did something that 9 out of 10 people wouldn’t be able to do, which somehow for him isn’t exactly that new since it’s just part of a day’s work.

There are lots of things to take note of in this picture, but what’s most important is to remember how tiring a surgeon’s work can be. In fact, a closer look will show you that one of the surgeon’s assistant is already sleeping soundly in the corner of the room. Though, what’s even more amazing is that the Surgeon is still widely awake and just sitting there idly, as if he was waiting for something to  happen  In any case, kudos to the photographer for capture such a perfect and priceless moment.


War Veterans have been through some of the WORST possible scenarios that you could very find a human being in. To say that they’ve been through hell and back in service for their countries is the only fitting description for them. Though, because of their loyalty and service, they can be some of the best and most usually, the worst people you’ll ever meet.

The latter is likely because they may have forever been scarred by the horrors of war and the former is because of the same reason, but only that they used their experience to make themselves better. And, the picture above will show you which of the two this guy is.

For those that are wondering who this guy is, this is Konstantin Pronin, a Water Veteran from Belarus and this is a picture of him taken in 2011 during the customary Victory Day celebrations in Gorky Park, Moscow.

What was supposed to happen during this festive time was for Pronin to be able to meet up with the other soldiers from his unit. Though, knowing that and him being all alone in this photo just makes everything even sadder, especially when you think that he may be the only one from his unit who’s still alive.


War has this way of making the lives of everyone involved in it worse than they should be. Not only does it hurt the civilians that get caught in the crossfire, but the civilians that are the families left behind by such soldiers.

Marine Staff Sgt. Marc Golycynski was due to come home within a few weeks. But his family, namely his son Christian Golczynski, will no longer have the chance to welcome him back home – as the Marine Staff Sergeant died from a gunshot wound while in Iraq.

Christian accepted the flag for his father. Though, this isn’t even close to making this child feel his father’s love once again.

You can just see from the tears welling up in his eyes that he and his father were close.


If you’re thinking that this picture is from a video game, then you’re dead wrong. It isn’t something that was used in a poster or any promotional material either. Rather, it is a picture that captured the hearts of many and won the World Press photo Award back in 1991.

As simple as this picture may look like at first glance, a closer look will tell you otherwise. And for those that still don’t get it, it is a picture of soldiers who were rescued after a recent deployment. Though, that’s not what makes this photo special.

The best part about this photo is how the photographer captures the emotions that the toughest of all soldiers feel in the battlefield as they mourn the deaths of their comrades. What’s even worse is getting rescued and finding out that one of the body bags coming with you is that of a close friend.

The soldier in the picture named Ken Kozakiewicz went through such an experience when he found out that the body bag at his feet had the body of his close friend and ally, Andy Alaniz, inside.


While we’re talking about wars and how they affect the lives of many people, here is a picture of a young boy saying goodbye to his Father as he goes out for deployment.

It doesn’t need a closer look for anyone to see that this little boy clearly doesn’t want to see his Father go again. Though, whether or not he realizes the risk that his Father may no longer come back alive again is debatable,  what we’re sure of is how much this child loves his Father.

Isn’t it heart-breaking to see how another war has just torn a family apart? I know that the boy’s Father was lucky enough to survive deployment, but what of the many others that may have died? What about their families?

Remember, death is a more likely result of war, which begs me to ask, when will the day come when such unnecessary bloodshed be over?


Have you ever wondered why scientists and astronomers often say that we’re all just a spec of dust in the middle of space? Well, that’s not just a metaphor; it’s true.

Just take a look at that photo below.

It’s a picture captured using the Hubble Deep Field. It took a lot of time to magnify and was a difficult photo to properly take. Though, that’s not what’s surprising, because this picture alone is just a tiny portion of the whole universe.

Think of a spec of dust in a place full of sand and that’s what this picture is. And to think that it already has hundreds of galaxies in it.

This means that we, and our planet, are just a spec of dust floating in the middle of the vastness of space.


Aren’t sunsets just plain beautiful? I know that they’re not a rare occurence by any means but there’s no denying that watching the sun set and patiently wait for darkness to creep should be part of any bucket list. More so if you do it on top of a hill, or on top of a huge mountain, or cliff or even, at the beach.

That may be the reason why this picture of something as simple as of a sunset is part of this list. Though, as much as it may be as simple as that, it isn’t. Fact is, this isn’t just any simple sunset because it is a picture of a sunset on Mars. Yes, Mars, the very same planet that most experts have come to believe will become our second home in the near future.

Taken by the Spirit Rover back in 2005, this is a picture that shows how far Humanity has come and how far we still have to get in terms of not just knowing more about Mars, but the whole universe in general.                                                                                                          Urmatoarea  imagine  am  primit-o  doar  cu  cateva  minute  mai  inainte,  pe  mail  :

American aid worker beheaded, IS video claims
Ukraine cuts off rebel east as fighting rumbles on

Daca  presedintele  Ucrainei  se  retrage   dinaintea  ocupatiei  Rusilor,  eu  zic  ca  suntem  cu  mult  mai  aproape  decat  ne  gandim, de  al  treilea  razboi  mondial : ARMAGHEDONUL

The Dangers of the Temple Mount
The Atlantic

Continuare  cu  fotografiile  si  comentariile  aferente :


The “moonwalk” was a dance move that took the whole world by storm. To say that it was one of the things that made Michael Jackson who he is would be an understatement. After all, if not for his Iconic move, he’d be much less famous, but that isn’t to say that he’s not a good performer. Rather, this just shows that his iconic move was far more brilliant than he may have realized when he first made it famous.

In any case, despite how famous his “moonwalk” is, I must say, it pales in comparison to this one that’s a whole lot better.

Guys, say hello to Bruce McCandless, the guy who has the biggest balls in the whole world, and his spacewalk.

Anyone who’s willing to go out into space untethered definitely deserves such a distinction.


Every now and then, I look up to the sky and realize just how beautiful it can be, especially at night. The dark clouds, the stars, the moon and so on and so forth all make for a very beautiful sight, which is probably why Van Gogh chose it as a subject for one of his paintings. But, even if the night sky can be quite beautiful, there are certain times when its beauty just goes beyond words.

A good example of this is the picture above. I know, it’s a picture of the night sky and it’s definitely beautiful to look at. But, if you closely, the photographer didn’t just want to capture the night sky, but also, the streaking meteor from the Perseid meteor shower.

That comet gets its name from Perseus, a Greek legend believed to be the one who killed the gorgon Medusa, completed heroic tasks, fulfilled prophecies and eventually, became a god and had his own constellation.


If there ever was a record for a picture with the most number of people in one shot, then this photo could very well be the runaway winner. I know it sounds funny and messed up, but when you think about it, how could it not win the award?

After all, it’s a picture taken from Earth’s very own moon by an astronaut and it could very well be one of the only few “space” photographs out there.

In any case, I do hope that somebody verifies the authenticity of this photo soon because in all seriousness, this photo could very well be the runaway winner for the photo of the decade award.


Sudan is one of those countries where the word poor doesn’t even begin to describe the sorry state of the people living there.

This picture right here is proof of that, though, that impoverished hand doesn’t justify just how poor the people there are.

If shown to someone who lives in a third-world country, most would say that it’s the hand of someone who’s dying or already dead, but truth is, it’s not.  The child that this hand belongs to is pretty much alive and is fighting insurmountable odds just to survive. But, that isn’t exactly the worst part of it all.

The worst part about this picture is not how impoverished and malnourished this child is, but rather, how common it is to see children and adults alike live in such conditions in the said country.

If there ever was a silver lining to this picture, it would be that it’s a great way to remind almost every one of us how lucky we still are that we have a roof over our heads and we still get to eat three-square meals a day despite all the problems we’re facing.


Syria isn’t exactly a country that you’d compare to Sudan when it comes to poverty. But, the past few years haven’t been kind to it as a result of both poverty and war.

With the whole Syrian Crisis going on over the past three years, Syria could very well be looking at a future much like Sudan’s if things don’t let up anytime soon. And, just like in any war or crisis, the ones who’re affected the most aren’t the soldiers or the adults of the country, but rather, its children.

In the picture above, you’ll see just how harsh living conditions there can be with this little girl trying to fill her container with water in a place where sanitation just goes out of the window.

If you find yourself thinking how it’s possible for some people to let children suffer like this, then you’re not alone.

Hopefully, Syria’s national government and their allies find a way to solve the whole crisis and put an end to all the suffering that’s been going on in the country over the past few years.


As you may have seen from the examples above, some photos can be breathtaking, while some can be just plain heartbreaking. Though, one thing that I haven’t shown you is a picture that can not only render you speechless, but also, make you feel angry at the same time.

The photo below is an example of such a photo. It’s shocking and it’s horrendous. It’s even hard to think how someone could have the stomach to take a picture like this.

If there’s something to take from this photo, it’s probably that we should never do anything like this. And if you’re wondering what exactly this is, the picture is of a Turkish official teasing starving children.

In other parts of the world, a single piece of bread isn’t something to be begged for. But, these children that are said to be part of the genocide in Armenia back in 1915 probably haven’t eaten much in past weeks. As a result, these children look not only malnourished, but also close to death. It’s amazing how they’re still alive – given the state of their bodies and living conditions!


This has got to be one of the hungriest looking men that you’ll ever find in modern times. Yes, I said modern times because this is quite a recent photo.

The picture shown is of Indian men who are lining up for a free meal given in honor of Id-Ul-Fitr (Feast for breaking the fast) near Jama Mazjid, New Delhi.

The reason why so many men are lining up is because most of them are minimum-wage laborers and some are even homeless. This means the food that they’re getting is probably the yummiest they’re ever going to taste, at least for a while.


War and famine are two things that tend to devastate people so much to the point that they tend to lose all hope. But, there’s just something about natural disasters that make both war and famine pale in comparison when it comes to how much they affect their victims.

In the picture above, you’ll see how heart-breaking it can be to watch all you’ve worked hard for destroyed in just a few moments. But, despite how devastating disasters can be, there are a few things we can take from it.

For starters, we can always take the fact that our family will always be there to support us through such times of adversity.

Almost every one of us takes one hair for granted. We color it, dye it, or do a lot of things to it that may end up damaging it in the long run. There are also those that tend to NOT care about their hair and leave it as it is, as if not realizing how some people crave to have the very same strands of hair that they just take for granted.

The picture above is an example of someone who wishes they had hair and for those wondering, yes, that child right there is bald.

As a cancer patient, it’s not unusual for them to NOT have any hair as a result of chemotherapy, but that still doesn’t stop them for wishing that they had hair. And when you think about it, when the only wish a little child could have is to have hair, it sort of puts life in a whole new perspective.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on and off for the latter half of this century and because of this, people living in both countries just can’t live in utter peace. But, the lack of peace isn’t equally as disturbing as the number of people affected by the whole conflict.

It’s safe to say that nobody is safe from the whole war and as with any conflict, the ones that are affected the most would be the Children of the country.

In the picture above, you’ll see the image of such a child that’s suffering from the effects of a conflict that doesn’t exactly need to drag on for quite as long as it has.

Wounded by Israeli shelling, this Palestinian boy is looking at the eyes of death at such a young age as he receives treatment at Al-Shifa hospital.


Bikes are something that we consider as an everyday thing. The same thing can be said as to how we treat cars, shoes, new clothes and so on and so forth. But, for the people of Tanzania, such things aren’t as common as you’d like to think.

In the picture above, you’ll see just how heart-breaking it is to see a child riding a make-shift bike without any shoes or slippers on and with clothes as ragged as the cloth pieces that we use to wipe our tables.

It’s pictures like this that make us more thankful for the things we have.

The medical field encounters its fair share of new and bizarre diseases almost everyday. But, even if that is so, there are just a few others that are more bizarre and more exceptional, such as this rare medical condition when a woman’s uterus presents itself as a paired organ.

The result of such a uterus is that woman suffering from this condition will have a harder time conceiving a child and whenever they do get pregnant, a c-section is almost always guaranteed.

In a recent study conducted, the survival rate of the babies and/or fetuses was about 67.5%, which is quite low when you factor in the danger of the c-section and how hard it is to conceive a baby with this condition.

The seemingly insurmountable odds, though, make this photo of a baby “bursting” out his mother’s uterus even more amazing than the birth of a child can be.

Truthfully, this is an image that will leave anyone speechless!


Although accessories in today’s world are not always for proper use. Here we have an idiot. just kidding. What we have here is a failure to understand the use of such instruments. it is sad, and a waste of good money!!

The Coolest Photos That Look Photoshopped But Are REAL

Cloud cream cone

Cloud cream cone

Cloud City

The Dubai skyline where the buildings are so tall they break through the clouds.
source: cracked

Despre behaitul oilor si Glasul Pastorului

caci "Oile Mele ascultă glasul Meu; Eu le cunosc, şi ele vin după Mine "...
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  1. cherie zice:

    Este foarte greu sa ne intelegem deoarece pornim de la premize diferite. Este ca si cum eu as spune ca nu pot duce o linie dreapta pe pamant decat in absenta gravitatiei iar tu imi desenezi o linie aparent dreapta iar atunci cand eu iti spun ca matenmatic llinia nu este dreapta decat intr-o geometrie euclidiana tu imi raspunzi ca sa o las incolo de filozofie si matematica neeuclediana ca toata lumea de pe pamant stie ce este o linie dreapta… Ca toata lumea foloseste geometria euclidiana si este in regula… Ca sunt absurda daca nu inteleg ca linia este dreapta si ca nu are de a face nimic cu gravitatia o simpla linie… Ce pot sa spun? Ai dreptate !

  2. Fiindca nu multi cititori stiu daca geometria euclidiana sau aceea neeuclidiana este sau nu este buna la gust, ca una se refera la doua drepte paralele taiate de o secanta in plan iar cealalta la aceleasi, dar IN SPATIU , eu sunt de acord cu tine in ideea ca , cu specificatia ” pe pamant ” nu se poate duce niciodata o linie dreapta, pt motivul LMC ( la mintea cocosului ) ca pamantul are suprafata curba . O linie dreapta poate fi dusa numai in spatiu, adica ridicata de la pamant, intr-un plan exterior acestuia . Ideile tale , pe care le-am citit in ultimul timp sunt din ce in ce mai interesante , dar se pare ca nu se gasec doritori sa se ridice putin mai sus decat OBISNUINTA ( in gandirea fireasca limitata de linii orizontale ) incetatenita noua insine Voi incerca sa traduc acest articol, saptamana asta, pentru acei care nu se descurca cu dictionarul


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