At this point, before we get them out of the garden, there is something I want to take time to explain as clearly as I possibly can. God has already cursed them; and is about to send them from His presence. He has cursed the ground; and commissioned Adam to do his own tilling of the soil; now that he no longer has the serpent to do that for him. He did not curse Adam’s reproductive ability; like He did the woman’s. That in itself, ought to tell anyone something. That is why I say, If we are going to hang all of this on a plant life tree, I think God did wrong to curse her reproductive organs. What He should have done was give her a large set of teeth. That may sound silly; but it is no more so, than the idea that God cursed them for eating an apple. I am just trying to make it fit the way denominational church people believe it; because that is all they look at. When you get them in a corner, they simply say, It does not matter. Well if it does not matter, why are they always fussing at us and saying we are deceived, because we say Eve was seduced by the serpent? Those who believe the devil’s apple story, call us fanatics; but I can look at them and say, You are spiritually blind; if you believe eating a plant life fruit plunged mankind into his lost state of separation from his Creator. Spiritual blindness is what caused Mr. Post to write what he wrote; therefore I just say to him, You are blind. Saints: It takes spiritual eyes to see things like this. It is very strange, when Jesus confirmed the fact that it was John the Baptist who fulfilled the voice of that one crying in the wilderness, it has been a settled fact every since. All Christendom has accepted the fact that those hills were those religious big shots called Pharisees and those who were considered spiritual leaders in Israel; yet they cannot see fruit as anything but something from plant life trees. Nevertheless I can see those two trees as two laws God set before Adam and Eve in order to test their obedience. When I heard Bro. Branham say, Jesus Christ is the tree of life; my only question was, In what form; and that was not to him. I got my answer to that question in my mind a little later; and now I see both trees for what they represented there in that paradise environment. Every quality of that tree of life is invested in Jesus. Through Him, mankind can still obtain what they would have automatically had, if Adam and Eve had never partaken of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In fact, if Eve would have eaten from that tree, (Had sex with her husband only for the purpose of reproduction) and not from this other tree, (Which is sex for pleasure) every child she would have given birth to, would have been the same kind of little baby Mary gave birth to there in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. Every one of them would have come into the world with eternal life abiding in them; instead of the sentence of death that all of us came into the world carrying. The reason God bypassed man in the birth of Jesus from that virgin womb, is because no man or woman, by the natural reproductive organs, can bring a baby into the world with eternal life abiding in it; and mankind needed redemption that could only be obtained by such a sacrifice as Jesus made; when He offered up Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. Until that time, God required an animal sacrifice to be offered for the sins of the people. However that animal sacrifice only pushed their sins on ahead, to Calvary; it did not blot them out forever; like the blood of Christ did. Well how did Abel and those old Patriarchs know that God would require an animal sacrifice instead of a fruit basket, from those who desired to worship Him? The revelation came from what God did to cover Adam and Eve; after they sinned. Let us read it again in (Gen.3:21) „Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.” When we look at this garden, and look at this clothing, God has brought skins to cover their nakedness. This was just before He expelled them from that beautiful paradise realm. When God says something, or does something, that is the way it is to be; He does not want a substitute. He does not want you saying, Well why won’t this work, it should be just as good? No. They threw their fig leaves away and left there wearing something like sheep skins. Whether it was sheep skins, or some other kind of skins, they still had to come from animals; and that means there was blood spilled.


Look at verse 22; and notice what God said; then I will give you an example. „And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, (talking to His angels that assisted Him) to know good and evil.” May I say this, under the present physical covenant that true man and true woman live under, (which is strictly pleasure from the tree of knowledge) when a young man and young woman go out somewhere and give themselves to someone else, outside the bounds of wedlock, in the eyes of God it is sin; and they both know it. It is absolutely wrong. When they do it, in their mind’s they cannot help but think, I have done wrong. That is the knowledge between what is right and what is wrong. Adam and Eve lost that state of innocence; the moment they disobeyed God. Until that, they knew nothing about guilt. The last part of verse 22, is what really gets some people set in concrete on the word eat. „And now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:” Sure Mr. Post, and MacPherson, you are hung up on that word eat. You have magnified it to the degree that all you can see is their mouth. I will agree that the language sounds like that is what it is talking about; but the word eat definitely means to partake of. However outside of the garden, the word eat is never used again, in that sense; even though man is still eating (or partaking) of the tree of knowledge. Yes you could say he brought it with him; because it is in his mind. He certainly did not carry it out of the garden of paradise as a potted plant. You cannot go down the highway of life and find nurseries growing the tree of knowledge. That is not where it is found. Mr. Post: I have news for you. The tree of knowledge is not in the paradise of God any more. That is why we have to recognize the sacred language used there in the garden, in that paradise realm, and settle on the fact that to eat, was to partake of one or the other of those two trees. Once out of the garden, the terminology changed; it was never eat any more. Various other terms were used; but they every one meant the same thing the word eat meant; there in paradise. What were some of the words or phrases that took the place of eat? Here is one. „He knew” his wife, and she conceived. For centuries, that terminology was used; and every time you read it, you know exactly what it implies. Later on it changed to, „He went in unto her;” and we all know exactly what that implies. Nevertheless regardless of the terminology, it all points to the same thing; sex for pleasure under the LAW of the tree of Knowledge. Sex for pleasure is no longer looked upon as wrong, by the Creator; as long as it is between a man and his legal wife; but the fruit of that pleasure act is a little baby; that comes into this world with a sentence of death hanging over it. Those perverted men of Sodom used the same terminology for their perverted acts that was used to describe the proper sex relationship of a man and his wife; when they tried to persuade Lot to send the two angels out to them. Notice in verse 5, of Gen.19, as we read 4-7. „But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter: And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them. (Lots answer lets us know what they had on their mind.) And Lot went out at the door unto them, and shut the door after him, And said, I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly. Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes: only unto these men do nothing; for therefore came they under the shadow of my roof.” All of those terms speak of the same thing; sex for pleasure; but mankind, in his degenerate condition, has taken the same thing and made X-rated movies to entertain their own kind. It all started right back here in Genesis; when Eve allowed that old serpent to seduce her. It is not how you eat apples or figs, that God looks at; it is how you observe and abide by the covenant God has given to man, when He drove them out of paradise. They have been living under it ever since then: but just look how the devil has drove mankind to debase it. They take the sacred aspects out of it; and make it something the devil can sit back and laugh at God about. Let us finish this part here. „Lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.” What is God talking about? He is actually saying this, You cannot live here in this beautiful realm of my presence, enjoying it, and having peace of mind, yet knowing what this pleasure is, and at the same time, having the knowledge of what this tree is, then at the right time partaking of that, and expect that you are going to give birth to a child and live forever in your state of sin. Let me say this, These are the two basic laws God set before the human race from the beginning of time. There is a right; and there is a wrong. We can read about it in the book of Numbers. As the children of Israel were coming through the wilderness journey, there was a test made. God told them, I am going to take you to a land that flows with milk and honey. Then He let 12 spies go over for 40 days and view the land. When they came back, they said, We cannot take it; there are giants over there; and their cities are walled. There is no way we can do this. They filled that entire crowd with unbelief. Then the whole congregation began squalling, complaining, and murmuring against Moses; saying that he had brought them out into that wilderness to die. God answered all that complaining by pronouncing a death sentence upon the guilty ones. You can read the whole thing in Numbers, chapters 13-15, if you care to. (14:22) „Because all those men which have seen my glory, and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness, and have tempted me now these ten times, and have not hearkened to my voice; Surely they shall not see the land which I sware unto their fathers, neither shall any of them that provoked me see it: But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seed shall possess it.” Then in verse 33, He said,”And your children shall wander in the wilderness forty years, and bear your whoredoms, until your carcases be wasted in the wilderness.” Moses told the people what the Lord had said; and they mourned greatly; realizing that they had not only rejected Moses; but had rejected the Lord also. After the last of those spies that returned with the evil report had died, those others that had believed their evil report tried to repent; but they had missed their opportunity to walk with God. Their sentence had already been pronounced upon them. Verses 40-45, of chapter 14, tell of the experience; and shows the results of trying to do without the blessings of God, what they had previously refused to do; when God was there to help them. Let us read those verses. „And they rose up early in the morning, and gat them up into the top of the mountain, saying, Lo, we be here, and will go up unto the place which the Lord hath promised: for we have sinned. And Moses said, Wherefore now do ye transgress the commandment of the Lord? but it shall not prosper. Go not up, for the Lord is not among you; that ye be not smitten before your enemies. For the Amalekites and the Canaanites are there before you, and ye shall fall by the sword: because ye are turned away from the Lord, therefore the Lord will not be with you. But they presumed to go up unto the hill top: nevertheless the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and Moses, departed not out of the camp. Then the Amalekites came down, and the Canaanites which dwelt in that hill, and smote them, and discomfited them, even unto Hormah.” In other word, Their enemies just simply cleaned up on them; and they suffered a great loss of lives. When they allowed themselves to be filled with unbelief, after seeing all the miracles the Lord had already performed on their behalf, and refused to do things strictly God’s way, then God, through Moses, spoke to them and said, Indeed you will not take this land, because you have gone against my divine plan. When they became aware of how they have grieved God, and began to say, Oh we will go up anyhow, Moses just simply said, You are too late. Your opportunity to walk with God has passed you by. If you try to go now, you will be defeated. When God gives mankind the perfect way to do a thing, and the man fails to carry it out that way, then God rebukes him; and tells him there is a penalty he will now suffer because of his failure to abide in the will of his Creator. When it goes that far,there is no way that man can re-justify himself and go carry it out. This is the difference between right and wrong. The sin, is in knowing the will of God and exercising your own will to do something contrary. Adam and Eve knew what God had said about those two trees; (which we know were two laws God had placed before them to test their obedience) and they partook of the forbidden tree anyhow, exercising their own will over the will of God. Even so, If God had not judged their wrong deed, and stripped them of their first endowment of intelligence, (that which they knew to do, while they were still in that state of innocence) they could have still partaken of that same act at exactly the right time; and Eve would have given birth to a little baby that would have had eternal life. In other words, If God had allowed them to remain in His divine presence, under that same anointing, with their knowledge of that same act for pleasure only, they would have been partaking of both trees at the same time. God will not allow us to partake of both good and evil at the same time, with His blessings; He requires us to make a choice between the two. In their case, it was not a question of staying there where those two trees were growing; for those two trees were two laws. That geographical location, was just man’s beginning point. Now the whole earth is populated with people who are partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; and they do not have to go to the Middle East to do so. God will not let man abide in His divine presence, knowing right from wrong; and choosing the wrong. I will just give this little illustration: You cannot be a true Christian and go downtown and get drunk too. You cannot be a true Christian and run around with someone else’s wife. Regardless of what the world does, and says, You cannot serve God and Satan both at the same time. You cannot be a true Christian and be a lesbian. Regardless of what the world says about lifestyles, and how much they scream that you have no right to condemn these perverted practices, God says it is wrong. People are deceived by this easy gospel they are hearing in mainstream religion today. Being a Christian, IS more than just believing that a man named Jesus, and called „The Christ,” died for the sins of all mankind. He died to set us free from the bondage of sin; not to protect us from judgment while we continue on in sin and ungodliness. In order to be a partaker of this great redemption plan of God, one must repent of his former life of ungodliness, obey the gospel in a full new birth experience, turn from his evil ways, and follow the ways of righteousness. Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, is more than just simply subscribing to a fire insurance policy that can keep you out of hell, while you go on in your unrighteous ways. Notice what the apostle Paul wrote to the Galatians: (5:17-21) „For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would. But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” As for this homosexual lifestyle, we have already read the scripture in Genesis 19:4-8, that show what the men of Sodom were given over to; and we know from other scriptures, that God destroyed the whole city because of it. You may think you can be a Christian homosexual, but the word of God lets us know that you will end up in hell. You do not have the Spirit of God in you; and without it, you are not one of His. If you think that is plain talk, listen to the apostle Paul, in 2Thess. 1:7-9; as he gives a little preview of what you have to look forward to. In assuring the true Christians that they had nothing to worry about, he also revealed what will be the end of those who fail to obey the GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ. „And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power.” Notice also, these two verses in Gal.6:7-8, „Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” Yes God’s word says all that do these ungodly deeds will go to hell. I cannot help what the world church systems do; and neither can I control who they accept as candidates for membership in their religious Clubs. Let them have their homosexual preachers, if that is what they want; but according to this sacred old book, they are going to hell; and those that follow them are going with them. You cannot do wrong and get by. You cannot live in sin and in eternal life both at the same time. You cannot go to hell and heaven at the same time. It is contradictory. You are going to one place or the other.


Let us again read Gen.3:23, and notice what God did as a result of Adam and Eve going contrary to His will. When God put him forth, in the 23rd verse, „Therefore the Lord God sent him (man) forth from the garden of Eden.” The garden was the paradise realm. Eden was the geographical part. I will have to say to these two people who criticize, Adam and Eve did not pick up a duffel bag, neither did they load anything on a cart, and start walking. You may think it sounds like they did. They did not. He drove them out of the spirit realm. He separated Himself. That is the first death they died, to be separated from God never to know the beauty, the peace, the joy of living in that beautiful realm of the spirit again. They were driven out. „So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword.” Mr. Post, I will have to say, If you literalize all that Eden setting, then there has to be a place in the Middle East today that is off limits to the whole human race; because those angels will still be there. Do you know of such a place? Right where Eden was described as being, between the Euphrates and the Nile and the Havilah, and so forth, it is still there. That is the very cradle of the existence of the mankind. All secular histories trace our genealogical beginning right back to the Fertile Crescent; which encompasses that very area. All our histories, all empires, our Bible, all originate right there. Therefore I ask you once again, What were they driven from? Were they driven from the Middle East, to go somewhere else? No. They were driven from that divine spiritual realm of paradise; separated from it. When God separated paradise from the earth, that fulfilled everything God said to Adam, as he was to be driven out of the garden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. Why was Adam to till the ground from whence he was taken? Because he no longer has his help mate the serpent; which was his servant before the devil got control of him. Not a slave, a servant. He was an intellectual creature of the highest order of animal life. If he had wanted to call him Jim, that would have been all right. If he had wanted to call him Junior, that would have been all right too. Pete, John, or whatever he wanted to call him, he could say, It is time for us to go do this. Adam, the son of God, would never have had a callous on his hand. He would never have known what it was like to wipe sweat from his brow. But when he lost his servant and man started on his degenerate course in time. Not too long after the flood, man was taking other men and making them slaves. That just shows, that inside of man, there is something that causes him to want to rule over, and be superior to something; and use it for a work type of servant. Looking at chapter 3 though, we certainly do know it is not the genealogy of man. It tells us what happened; that caused mankind to be separated from God. The language it is written in a pictorial structure; and that pictorial structure is what causes the garden, the paradise side, as well as the geographical side to remain a mystery to the average church going person. They literalize the whole thing to such an extent, they cannot see what really did happen. God drove man from the paradise he had formerly known, called the garden. It was angels with flaming swords that kept the way, so they could never come back into what they were driven out of. What were they driven out of? Not the geographical area. They were free to roam that from end to end. In that same geographical area, is where they were going to plant their first garden to grow tomatoes. Right there is where they were going to work and toil with their own hands until the sweat would run down their face. There is where they were going to live day in and day out; never again to know what it was to feel the presence of God in that same fellowship they had known with Him before. He would come at certain intervals of time; to speak in the manner the following chapters describe; but His fellowship with man was from a distance after Genesis 3:10. Two things were definitely changed when God drove Adam and Eve out from His presence. Since those angels with flaming swords were positioned between God and mankind, there has never been a person spiritual enough to press his or her self back into that same anointing presence of God at their own will, that Adam and Eve knew in the beginning. That is why Jesus said, I the Son can do nothing except the Father show me. Therefore God, the great Eternal Spirit that holds this beautiful paradise realm within His own grasp, when He lifted it, and separated it from mankind, no one has ever been able at his own choosing, to project himself back into that realm. The other thing that is different, no woman from that day to this, has ever known exactly when she could conceive seed to bring forth an offspring. Medical science has been trying for centuries, to figure this thing out; but God will never let them perfect that part of their scientific endeavors. You know yourself, sex education in our schools, has never reached the place where they can tell a young girl when she can have sex for pleasure without taking the chance of becoming a mother to a little baby. I am trying to make this plain and simple without using language that could be considered vulgar; so listen carefully to what I say; and you will know what I mean. In other words, If the modern woman today, had the knowledge Eve had before she left the garden, she would know exactly when to walk up to her husband and say, It is time for us to make love; so we can have an addition to our family. If she were like that, she would not be cursed to have a period every 28 days, as all women are today. She would have only had a period in relationship to that tree of life. The only time she would have known her husband in that way, would not have been for mere pleasure; it would always have been to conceive and bring forth life. There never would have been lust; nor a prostitute or a whoremonger. There never would have been a lesbian; and the word homosexual, would not even be in our vocabulary. Effeminate, would not be a word we would need to use either; nor any of these other modern, debased, degenerate description of lifestyles like we have all over the world today. The Bible says it is all going to wind up in the lake of fire; no matter what modern man may want to believe. That is why I say, The cow was not put here to be tested. The horse was not put here to be tested; because they were not the ones that were going to rule the planet. They were not the ones God told to subdue the earth, and so forth. It was man and woman, that God said this to, „Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” They had the responsibility of watching over all other life; both animal life and plant life; to make sure the earth was refilled with both and beautified. After failing their test and being judged by the Creator, their job became very difficult; because the earth began to bring forth thorns and thistles, and they also multiplied. The terrain became terribly burdensome to Adam and Eve; as they set forth to earn their living substance by their own labors; without the help of the serpent. That one tree and all it stands for, has brought every heartache, every tombstone, every cancer, every case of tuberculosis, and all these evil things you see going on in the world today. As I stated earlier, Genesis 4, is where the record of the genealogy begins. Chapter 4, is not telling you what happened in the garden. Chapter 4, is telling you what happened outside the garden of paradise; and begins to give the genealogy of Adam’s line of offspring. There were no babies born in the garden; only a conception. A wrong act was introduced in the garden; but out of the garden, is where the genealogy of man’s descent began to be recorded.


The next two chapters we are going to look at, are what the whole book of Genesis is written from. „And Adam knew Eve his wife; (Notice only one time is the word knew, used in this reference. Why then, were there two sons born, and only one of them was a son of Adam?) and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, (Notice what was said. Everyone jumps on this language used by Eve; to repudiate what we are teaching.) I have gotten a man from the Lord.” I want you to listen to that, I have gotten a man from the Lord. I will say this, The breath of life in Cain had to come from the Creator; there is no other source of life. However he was the first child born out of wedlock. In plain terminology, he was a bastard. Do not get mad at me. There is no reason to climb a wall and pull your hair out. Cain was a man; and that is all he was. He was certainly not a son of Adam. He is not found in the genealogy of Adam; and there is no reason to think he should have been. Adam’s genealogy goes from Abel right to Seth. Cain’s genealogy is recorded; but you cannot find it traced back to Adam; like the sons of God line is; over in the gospel of Luke. (3:38) „Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.” When Cain grew up, he did not even think like his half brother Abel did. Denominational church systems scoff at what we teach about Cain and Abel; but I want you to know, In this 20th century, in the last 30 years, I have read no less than three different records of women of ill fame, having given themselves to two different men at close intervals of time, and it so happened that they were men of distinctly different races. The women dually conceived by this means; and gave birth to babies that were not twins. The medical world has a word for these rare cases; it is called SUPERFETATION. The last one I read about, took place when the democratic convention was taking place down in Florida some years ago. A woman prostitute camped about this democratic convention and she gave herself to one Anglo Saxon man, one Chinese man, and one black man, all on the same night. She conceived seed by all three; but in this particular case she only saved the one she conceived by the Chinese man. However both of the other two women gave birth to both babies. Now tell me why a thing like that can take place in the twentieth century, with documentation, and some of you think it is completely ridiculous for anyone to say that same thing is what happened to Eve 6,000 years ago? We also have a little article copied from another paper; that tells of another woman giving birth to two babies two minutes apart, that were conceived one month apart. You may read it from the original source; inserted below.


Alright then, the serpent yielded himself, a tool of Satan, and as a result Eve brought forth one son, which they named Cain, and said, „I have gotten a man from the Lord.” Sure. She could say that. What other Creator is there? It took God to put breath of life in that little baby, even if he was the son of the serpent. do no forget; God created the serpent also, so where else could she have gotten that little son except from the Lord? But do not forget also, Eve was the one that made that statement. No one else did, so let us read the whole thing together, there in chapter 4, and pay close attention to the wording. Moses is writing this account of what happened, and says, „And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, (notice the comma) and bare Cain, and said I have gotten a man from the Lord. (Notice now) And she again bare his brother Abel.” But it does not say, Adam knew Eve his wife again, and she bare Abel. Do you see anything there, in that terminology? It had to be, that she bare what would seem to have been twins, but they did not both have the same father. Bro.Jackson: Are you sure that is possible? Yes I am. We have published articles that confirm the fact that such births have taken place from time to time; it is called „SUPERFETATION.”



Cleveland, Ohio – (UPI) – Doctors here said Tuesday that two babies, born two minutes apart to Mrs. Leonard Shaffer last Saturday, are not twins.

Dr. Paul R. Zeit of the Cleveland Clinic called the case „one of the rarest occurrences in human births.”

Michelle Lynn, who beat her brother Michael Lee into the world by two minutes, is actually „younger” than Michael if age before birth is considered.

Michelle was an eight-month baby, while her brother was a full-term nine-month infant.

Doctors said the babies were not conceived at the same time. X-rays taken Tuesday of the infants confirmed that they were not twins, and a pediatrician explained that the babies did not come from the same egg. Normally, after a woman conceives, she stops ovulating.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer’s families have a history of twins.

Dr. Zeit said such births were far more rare than quadruplets.

Michael is a husky 6 pound, 11 ounces, while Michelle, who is in an incubator, weighs 4 pounds, 3 ounces.

In Webster’s Dictionary, here is what it says about superfetation, „Successive fertilization of two or more ova of different ovulations resulting in the presence of embryos of unlike ages in the uterus.” Alright then, when you establish the fact that such a thing is possible, the next thing your critics come up with, is that the serpent was an animal, and therefore could not have mated in that way, with this daughter of God. But these same people will read over in chapter 6, where the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose, and they will say that the sons of God were angels, and the daughters of men were offspring from Adam’s line. Now that really crosses the scriptures up, for Jesus referred to angels in a sexless sense. Over in the gospel of St. Luke, chapter 20, verses 27-36, you find where the Sadducees, that did not believe in a resurrection of the dead, sprang a hypothetical situation upon the Lord, trying to trap Him, and it was His answer to them, that we are interested in, so let us begin reading in verse 34. „And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage; But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage; Neither can they die any more; FOR THEY ARE EQUAL UNTO (or in that way like) THE ANGELS.” Therefore I say to you, It is more logical to believe God allowed that serpent to impregnate Eve, than to believe angels took upon themselves human bodies, came down to earth, and married daughters of Adam’s deed. I hope you are following me. If you think you know so much about genetic laws, that you can dogmatically rule out serpent seed, then please do not try to tell me that angels had sex relations with humans. Yet we know from the scriptures, that it had to be one of the two, and I believe we have other scriptures to prove that Cain was a son of the serpent. Furthermore John called him, or referred to him, as, of that wicked one, because he slew his brother. If Cain was Adam’s son, where did he get those murderous attributes? God did not impute murder into Adam’s genes. No. Cain was the son of something that had literally yielded to the devil, and had those yielding attributes in him also, and we know already, that the devil (Lucifer) is a murderer. We just have to realize, sin had to be the product of a disobedient act, somewhere, and I am saying, because Satan (Lucifer) learned something back there in that prehistoric age, he knows exactly what God means, when he puts the earth in this new dimension, and instructs His son and daughter. He knew perfectly well, how to disrupt the whole picture. He knew if he could just get in control of certain genetic laws, he would have the whole thing in his hand, and that is exactly what he did.

Sin, as it occurred in the human race, was not something from an apple tree, or fig tree, or pear tree. It had to be something that pertained to how man would reproduce himself to repopulate the earth. It is very strange, how people will believe one thing that is reported; and then deny that such a thing could have ever happened before. Verse 2, „And she again bare his brother Abel. (Sure he was his brother, his half brother. Abel was Adam’s true son; but notice, Abel never lived long enough to establish a genetic descent of his own; because his half brother killed him.) And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering: But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, (angry) and his countenance fell.” In other words, he was disgusted, jealous, and was walking around with his lower lip dragging the ground; (so to speak) and all of this was eating at his insides. The more he thought about it, the harder it was to tolerate; for he believed his offering was just as good as Abel’s. (That same spirit is still on religion today. They think their beautiful buildings and all the other apparatuses they use doing what they call, the work of God, is all they need; but God is honoring those who have a revelation of His word today; just like He did 6,000 years ago, when Cain offered Him fruit from the works of his hands and He rejected it.) God watched Cain, as he walked around like that; and said to him, „Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.” Let us look at these two young men. Modern man, with his 20th century thinking, his whole concept is, Oh but that could not have possibly been what happened back there. Adam and Eve being so holy, and so pure and innocent, would not have allowed themselves to do such a terrible thing. Well if that is the way you look at it, if Cain was a genetic offspring of both of them, why did he never receive a revelation of how to worship God. How come Abel, which was the younger of the two, was born with something in him that told him God wants worship; and that there is a right way for that worship to be accomplished; and Cain was not? God only accepted worship from man, through a blood sacrifice. This lets me know the quality of Abel went right back to that of his father Adam. Though they were out of the garden, and were walking by faith, they knew man is a transgressor; and therefore had the imputed penalty of sin added; and that he would eventually die; yet all these other fallen attributes that eventually turned up, murder, lust, and all the rest, were not even in the picture at that time. It is just that man did not have eternal life; and being separated from God in that way, he knew he must bring God a sacrifice. Abel, who was the direct descendant of Adam, had the characteristic quality to know how to approach and worship God. On the other hand, Cain, (we have to realize) being genetically the offspring of the serpent creature, had no such characteristics about him; because animals do not worship God like men do. His whole attitude, behavior, and outlook, were like that of his father. His father (being of the animal kingdom) was strictly earthly minded. His father did not have to be taught one thing about growing watermelons, planting potatoes, or growing anything else. He was created to do those things; because the Creator designed him intellectually, to know all those things related to his earthly duty as a servant to man. Therefore that knowledge was passed right into his son. That is why his son was a tiller of the ground. He was just walking in his daddy’s footsteps. You have heard the expression, a chip off the old block. That is exactly what Cain was. He could do no more than what his father passed on to him the capability of doing. I used this as a comparison one time; and I know they will say it is an impossibility for a mule to reproduce himself. That is true; but do not forget, when the horse is bred to a donkey, she can conceive seed and bear a mule. Now I will ask you this, What kind of ears does a mule have? He has long ears like his daddy. You know that is the truth. A mule is not an original creature. His mother is a horse; and has small ears. His mother nickers; but his dad, a donkey or ass, whatever you want to call him, brays. A mule will try to nicker; but before he gets finished he goes into that bray, just like his daddy. He sees like his daddy, he brays like his daddy, and he walks like his daddy. You can watch a mule, and you will see his ears flop just like his daddy. When they really get to walking, those ears keep time with their steps. I’m not making fun of mules; they are work animals. They are good work animals. I just use this to illustrate the point we are dealing with. Cain, genetically, was the offspring of the serpent; and it is easy to see why the devil wanted that kind of creature among mankind. Even though he was a man, Satan knew he could count on him to be just like his daddy. He would be smart; but he would never receive a spiritual revelation of how to walk with God. Some people, not having it quite straight about all of this have said, Eve had sex with the Devil. No, she had sex with the SERPENT; and Cain being the son of the serpent, produced a line of sons and daughters that were just like him. They were void of understanding, when it came to the spiritual realm. Satan motivated the serpent to seduce Eve; knowing full well that he could use that line of mankind to try to thwart the plan of God. This was the route he used; to defile that beautiful daughter of God and produce a line of humanity in whom he could dwell. They could be religious; but never truly spiritual. That is why Jesus looked at that bunch of Jewish religious leaders and said, (John 8:44) „Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” For what reason could He call them children of the devil, when we know the devil is a spirit, and did not genetically father any of them? For the same reason that we who believe the word of God and walk with Him in truth, can be called sons of God. The spirit in you, is what makes that difference. The devil goes to church regularly, in his children; but that does not make them sons of God, just because they go to a church house and run through a preplanned program of some kind. If that is all there is to worshipping God, then God was very unfair in His rejection of Cain’s fruit basket; for I am sure it was the very best of everything, that he chose for that offering. He no doubt could grow watermelons, pumpkins and tomatoes like you have never seen the equal of. Brother, if he were in town today, and set up his vegetable stand, he would probably run the other fruit markets out of business. He knew all about growing vegetation. That was his makeup. He thought to himself, God has just got to accept mine. He did not realize God would not accept a sacrifice of plant life; simply because plant life had nothing at all to do with sin and alienation from the Creator. Abel, having a revelation of why man needed to offer an offering to God, also had a revelation of what to offer. Why would he know, and Cain not know, when they were both raised by Adam and Eve, a son and daughter of God that surely taught those boys concerning this very thing? The answer is very simply understood by asking this, Out of a large congregation of church going people, why do a few flee from that system of religion to follow God in truth, and others go right ahead offering fruit baskets year after year? It all hangs upon their capacity to receive a spiritual revelation. Cain did not have it; but Abel did. The fact that a person hears truth preached, does not mean that such a person will ever understand it. This side of the great flood, there are no pure seed of the serpent genetically speaking; but those serpent seed attributes were carried over the flood in the family that rode that old ark to safety; simply because of what we read in the 6th chapter of Genesis. (6:1-2) „And it came to pass, when men (children of Cain’s line) began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, (Cain’s line) That the sons of God (Adam’s line) saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” We will get back to this later; but we need to get this in right here, to show how these attributes got all mixed up, so that out of one family of sons and daughters, some will become genuine Christian’s, and others will be just like Cain, or maybe not even give God a thought at all. Saints: This is just my way of trying to tell you, why so many people fail to see what really happened in the garden of Eden. There are a lot of people trying to understand this from Hebrew and Greek language. You will never do it. You have got to see the language structure; and you have got to see what is concealed in that; in order to catch the revelation. When we get into chapter 6, I believe we can show you why it is scripturally foolish for anyone to deny the fact that the serpent could have genetically done what we are endeavoring to prove he did. The very fact that it says the sons of God took unto themselves the daughters of men, ought to prove something to anyone who has proper respect for the Bible. Surely you must ask yourself, Why are there two distinctions made, sons of God, daughters of men? The answer is very simple; there were two distinct lines of humanity from the genetic standpoint; in the days chapter 6, tells of.



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